Basic equipment - Lock - Kasa lock

The Italian Kasa lock is the first and foremost in the offer. It provides the security of the doors at six points (+3 fixed on the wing), providing maximum security.

It possesses a removable nucleus (heart of the lock), which in case of loss of original keys provide fast and efficient replacement. In this way, the customer receives a new set of keys, and the old key cannot unlock the lock anymore.

The lock is delivered with three packed, original Kasa keys which are opened in front of the buyer.

It is applied to model "STANDARD" and model "LUX", PP and ballistic doors.

Note: Bosal warranty of three years on all three types of locks, with obligatory service after the first year. If after three years to get an additional service warranty is extended for another three years. A total of six two-year warranty with regular service.