Basic equipment

Equipment that comes with BOSAL security doors can be divided in two groups, basic and additional.

Everything listed in basic equipment is included in the basic price of the door.


Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a material which offers high customizability, so that you can get your door to look exactly like you want them.

Smooth finish and polyurethane colors give you a choice of over 200 shades.

10mm thickness enables you to choose from 25 different fluting models (see bottom of the page), and 7 applications.

Veneer is a natural material that is applied to the MDF board. You can choose from 6 different basic colors that can be modified in 60 variations.

All of the veneers can be coated glossy with 20% or 50% shine.

Plywood is a sheet material manufactured from thin layers or „plies“ of wood veneer that are glued together with adjacent layers having their wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another.

It is the cheapest option and is offered only with the model „Classic

Colors for model CLASSIC. *important: colors seen on the screen can differ from those in real life.


Mottura 52.571

The security lock „Mottura“ blocks the door in six points (+3 fixed bars in the wing), providing maximum safety.
The lock comes with three factory-packed, original keys that are opened in front of the customer.

In case of loss of the original keys, the heart of the lock can be quickly and efficiently replaced with a new one. The customer gets a new set of keys, while the old ones become unusable.

Mottura 85.971

„Mottura“ safety lock with cylinder and special shield on the outer side. It locks the door in six points (+3 fixed bars on the wing) providing maximum safety.

On the outer side, it has a special shield that prevents drilling or breaking the cylinder, while on the inner side it has a quick handle that makes it easier to lock and unlock the door. The lock is equipped with a high-quality Mul-T-Lock cylinder, which is manufactured exclusively for BOSAL.

Unique BOSAL key

In cooperation with the companies Mul-T- lock from Israel and Mottura from Italy, we have developed the unique BOSAL encrypted safety cylinder, which is exclusively installed BOSAL  security doors, together with the safety cylinder locks from our offer. It provides the highest safety level certified by the Holz-Forschung Institute of Vienna, Austria.

In this way, our customers are absolutely protected and do not have to worry about their personal safety and the safety of their families.

The advantage of this cylinder is that no one in the world can buy it in free sale. That means that intruders cannot make a break-in tool, using a cylinder sample.

Mottura Champions Pro

All the security doors sold in our market are equipped with safety systems (locks and cylinders) that have been used for years and therefore it is possible to buy such systems at any stores without restrictions.

That means that these systems are easily accessible to everyone, including burglars who can use them to make break-in tools. Those tools can be used later by the burglar to force any door equipped with such safety systems.

The unique cylinders of BOSAL are available only at authorized service centers and copies can be made only with the corresponding card code and after checking the entire customer base system.

This means that only the owner can make a copy of his/her own key.

Mul-T-lock Interactive +


In addition to their superior quality and durability, handles manufactured by the German company HOPPE, stand out with their elegant design and are made of stainless steel, aluminum or brass.

180° Peep Hole Door Viewer


The RAL card offers a choice of over 200 shades of polyurethane colors, which can be used to lacquer BOSAL security and interior doors, as well as the possibility of lacquering the trims and wings of the doors in different shades.

Colors for model CLASSIC. *important: colors seen on the screen can differ from those in real life.

ALUMINIUM PROFILE color selection on the rim of the wing – only with model CLASSIC


The flutings are decorative engravings made on the door wing. They are applied to the door, while finishing the polyurethane-lacquered MDF. After choosing the flutings, it is necessary to select one of the five blade models used for engraving.

There are 27 fluting models for one-wing doors models and 22 models for double-wing doors.



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