Security door model „Classic Plus“. It has been tested and certified Grade III anti-burglary protection*

Manufactured exclusively according to the required measures.

Double sealing and excellent thermal and sound insulation of 38dB.

*Higher level of anti-burglary protection of the premises, in case that an experienced burglar uses a complete set of tools and crowbars for 20 minutes with a high level of noise.

III Grade

4 colors from the BOSAL color card

The lateral side of the door wing is covered with a metal profile. This technical solution provides easy access to the lock during regular servicing.

In the case that the wing or the metal profile is damaged, it is easy to replace the damaged part.

HOPPE door hardware

In addition to their superior quality and durability, the handles manufactured by the German company HOPPE stand out with their elegant design.

180° Peep Hole Door Viewer

Technical details

  1. Grid made of square steel tubes (50x30x1mm) in the door wing.
  2. Sheet metal 1mm in thickness.
  3. Square steel tubes (60x40x1.5mm) in the frame coated with plywood sheets on the outer and inner sides.
  4. 50mm thick sponge as a sound insulation.
  5. Safety lock, lockable in three directions and six points (two types of locks available)
  6. Fixed bars for blocking the hinges (3 pieces).
  7. Plywood sheets on the on the outer and inner sides of the door wing are 8mm thick.
  8. Metal threshold (40x20x1.5mm) coated with wood.
  9. Double sealing gaskets.
  10. Spray foam that fills the cavities between the square tube frame and the wall.
  11. Wide-angle peephole.
  • Custom-made up to the following dimensions: 2100 x 1000 x 90mm.
  • Overall door thickness – 68.5mm
  • Grade III anti-burglary protection
  • 36dB sound insulation
  • „Mottura“ safety lock, lockable in 3 directions and 6 points. The threshold is a metal profile covered with wood.
  • The wing and the hinge are bound by two forged hinges with ball bearings.
  • Door hardware from our offer, according to the customer’s wishes.


Mottura 52.571

The security lock „Mottura“ blocks the door in six points (+3 fixed bars in the wing), providing maximum safety.
The lock comes with three factory-packed, original keys that are opened in front of the customer.

In case of loss of the original keys, the heart of the lock can be quickly and efficiently replaced with a new one. The customer gets a new set of keys, while the old ones become unusable.

Mottura 85.971

„Mottura“ safety lock with cylinder and special shield on the outer side. It locks the door in six points (+3 fixed bars on the wing) providing maximum safety.

On the outer side, it has a special shield that prevents drilling or breaking the cylinder, while on the inner side it has a quick handle that makes it easier to lock and unlock the door. The lock is equipped with a high-quality Mul-T-Lock cylinder, which is manufactured exclusively for BOSAL.


The only certified security door on the market.

CLASSIC Plus model has been tested and certified Grade III anti-burglary protection.

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